Introducing PowerTrack Platform 3.0, the Next Generation of Monitoring Software from AlsoEnergy

AlsoEnergy is excited to announce the next generation of the PowerTrack Platform, PowerTrack Platform 3.0 (PT3.0). In the coming months, all PowerTrack users will have the opportunity to access to PT3.0. PT3.0 covers the full functionality of PowerTrack Web while providing users with a new interface design, new features, and enhanced performance. Launching in North American in Q221, PT3.0 will be available to users in parallel to the legacy PowerTrack software versions for an extended transition period.  

PT3.0 retains the familiar look and feel of the current PowerTrack Web interface, but with improvements to site navigation and a more streamlined user experience. These advances will improve both user and process efficiency, empowering faster and more collaborative workflows and results across the enterprise. The intuitive design also provides an easier onboarding experience for your future hires and comes complete with unlimited free training.

Improved User Experience
PT3.0 was built for a more intuitive experience with all new site navigation following the user-friendly conventions of modern web design. Clients will find all the familiar PowerTrack features using first and second level navigation bars at the top of the screen, then easily sort, filter, and select projects and portfolios in the left navigation column. This simplification of site navigation will empower users to move more quickly through workflows, improving efficiency and promoting faster issue resolutions.

Expanded Features
Users will be able to improve efficiencies during the site configuration process with expedited workflows. PT3.0 supports bulk setup capability, empowering users to apply performance models to all inverters quickly, a huge time saver in the site deployment and configuration process. Other new features include a fresh design for site landing pages and sharable chart URLs.

Enhanced Performance
PT3.0 is being released simultaneously with improvements to our back-end platform for faster response times and a more agile user experience. Users will be able to accomplish more in less time using PT3.0.

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See the recording of our one hour webinar to introduce PowerTrack Platform 3.0.